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When did you last have your car battery tested? If it's been a while, now is the best time to have a professional mechanic have a look at your car.

If you suspect that your car has a battery problem or the electrical system behaves suspiciously, take your vehicle to Emerald Cars Plus for a complete battery starting and charging system inspection. Call us now or book a car service in Emerald online!

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Your car battery is one of the most important car components. The battery supplies electrical current for the starter, engine and other electric accessories. The auto battery also recharges and stores energy from the car's alternator. Coupled with engine and alternator, the car battery is one of the vital components of a car's health. Regular car battery inspections are a must-do for your vehicle, as your cars health depends on them. At Emerald Cars Plus in Emerald, Qld our expert mechanics are able to perform a thorough evaluation of an automotive battery and electrical system to ensure your car can serve you longer. A strong and healthy auto battery is what every car owner wants. Even if the car battery has been worn down and you require a brand new battery, we offer an excellent selection of quality batteries at great prices. Call our Emerald car service now and get your car battery service done at Emerald Cars Plus, and we will make sure you have a healthy car battery.

Battery Check & Inspection
Battery Fitting Emerald QLD

Your car battery supplies the electrical current needed to start the engine. Even with the engine not running, the battery provides necessary power to vehicle's electrical components and acts as voltage stabilizer for the whole electrical system.

Your car battery, charging system and alternator should be inspected at least every 12 months at your local Repco Authorised Car Service mechanic. Call Emerald Cars Plus now or make a car service appointment online!

Car Battery Service Emerald, QLD

Your car battery is the only power source your car uses to get started. Flat or faulty battery is one of the most common causes of breakdowns, so it is reasonable to keep your battery in top working condition. Emerald Cars Plus mechanics can inspect your car and fit a battery that matches your car needs best, as well as meet quality and safety standards and are exceptionally reliable, especially during colder conditions when batteries are more liable to suffer.

If you’re not sure about the condition of your battery, our mechanics are always here to help - simply book a battery check at Emerald Cars Plus!

Our simple but effective battery test includes checking your car's charging system, voltage output and the charging rate of the battery. The battery inspection performed by our electrical mechanics will indicate the condition of your battery and advise whether it needs to be swapped for a fresh one, by comparing the results with manufacturers specifications to check if the battery failure is imminent. Should your car battery fail, our workshop carries a large selection of batteries for cars and light commercial vehicles ready to fit.

To avoid roadside breakdowns, maintain a healthy battery by checking it at your local car service!

Everyday Battery Maintenance

To extend the life of your battery, keep it clean and dry and switch off headlights, radio, heating and air conditioning when you stop your vehicle. You should also make sure the vent caps are tight to prevent water from entering cells, regularly clean the battery container and terminals. Test your battery regularly, including when you have your car serviced, before long trips or after it's been recharged. Remember to always wear rubber gloves and goggles whenever you access your battery!

It may not always be your car battery's fault when the vehicle doesn't start, as not starting is often a symptom of other problems. To assure a smoothly operating battery and electrical system, you should perform a complete battery inspection and charging system service at Emerald Cars Plus car service in Emerald QLD. If you need a new battery altogether, Emerald Cars Plus offers a great selection of quality batteries at great prices.

To reduce the chance of other engine components draining power from your battery, service the battery at oil change time and in similar intervals. Contact Emerald Cars Plus now to ensure a smoothly operating battery and best performing electrical system!

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